Electrical recycling York

We provide an electrical Recycling & Disposal Service within York

Electrical recycling in York has never been easier. York can now recycle all IT Computer electrical items via Revive IT Recycling Ltd’s service catalogue.

The service allows all companies, businesses, NHS, offices, schools etc who are producing computer electricals to have them recycled free of charge.

Our large vehicles are fitted out to collect any volumes of electrical waste in York. It doesn’t matter what the condition or state, the electrical items are in, Revive IT Recycling will take everything; our drivers don’t pick and choose. You call us up, provide your details and let us know what you need to recycle via our York service. If you have already told us an amount and that amount changes vastly, please let us know as the vehicle coming may only have a certain amount of allocated space available. We can send out additional electrical recycling vehicles.

Revive IT collect masses of electrical waste from the York area (Micklegate, Tang Hall, Heworth, Osbaldwick, Heslington, Fulford, Dringhouses, Bisopthorpe, Askham, Acomb, The rise, Clifton, York city centre, Catton, Haxby, Shipton etc) which includes electrical computer items, WEEE, PC Towers, servers, monitors, printers, batteries, cardboard, cables and other misc electrical.

We know that a lot of electrical bare data, so we have a data wiping room and multiple data destruction vehicles to ensure your data is destroyed before the electrical are recycled or re-used. If you are booking an electrical recycling York collection, please ensure you keep the equipment inside as once you put it outside and it is weathered, it no longer has any re-use value and we may have to charge. So to ensure your eligible for a free electrical recycling pickup, keep it dry and indoors.

If you have used our electrical recycling service already and would like to leave feedback, please contact us and request an electrical recycling feedback form which can be emailed over.

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