Hazardous Waste

The hazardous waste regulations 2005 affect Revive IT greatly as a considerable amount of redundant computer hardware is classed as hazardous due to materials it consists of.

Examples of IT related hazardous waste include:

  • UPS systems containing batteries which hold lead among other materials
  • Batteries which contain lead and other materials depending on type
  • CRT computer monitors consisting of lead
  • LCD / plasma monitors containing arsenic and mercury
  • Vehicle diagnostic computers containing carcinogenic oils
  • Laptops containing batteries and hazardous LCD displays
  • Printers and toners containing toner dust

You must make sure hazardous waste produced or handled by your organisation causes no harm or damage; this obligation is titled ‘duty of care’. Your duty of care doesn’t simply extend to the point of disposal, it continues to the point where the waste ends up and how it is processed / handled.

Over the last decade the press has brought to light many stories which have revealed many incidences when illegitimate IT recycling organisations have been illegally exporting computer waste and dumping it in developing countries resulting in damage to our world and the health of many people. Developing countries simply don’t have the resources to handle and dispose of hazardous waste.

Revive IT are fully compliant with the hazardous waste regulations and the Environment Agency visit our premises regularly. The main highlights of our compliance are detailed below:

  • All our staff are competent and fully trained in handling hazardous waste
  • We have strict written policies on collecting, transporting and recycling hazardous waste
  • We don’t export any hazardous waste
  • We hold all applicable permits and licences required by the Environment Agency
  • We issue Environment Agency approved Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes (HWCNs)
  • We complete hazardous waste returns each quarter to the Environment Agency
  • All health and safety precautions and training are undertaken
  • Revive IT have auditable trails to display how and where all waste has gone
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