Infrastructure and Resources

The infrastructure a business consists of determines its capabilities; Revive IT understands this well and so invests heavily into what we’re built of.

There are a number of reasons why infrastructure in its many forms is so important in the computer disposal industry:

  • IT is transforming at an incomprehensible rate and as we have seen over the last 25 years, no matter what our occupation maybe, we’re all becoming increasingly dependent upon IT and its capabilities. At the same time there is a transition between what we know as computer hardware and increasingly clever devices. The confidential information, your information, retained and used on these devices is escalating at an astounding rate which increases the risk of your data passing through the net unchecked. Additionally an increasingly large amount of IT hardware is being produced solely for a single period of use without consideration that devices need to be fully factory reset in a secure fashion. This all in turn will require increasingly sophisticated data destruction and wiping machinery
  • As established above, the data retaining capabilities of computer assets is sky rocketing along with the fact that simple reset options aren’t being configured on devices; this in turn determines the talent required to securely data destroy your hardware
  • The people an organisation consists of determine what the organisation is portrayed as, how successful and appealing its services are and what will be achieved in the future
  • The assets a business can utilise greatly affect how efficient, professional and reliable it can be. Without these fundamental assets such as financial provisions, premises, equipment and general resources, the business will have little hope in developing successfully

Due to the above reasons and many others, Revive IT is continually investing back into our infrastructure at the maximum extent to establish ourselves as the most secure, professional and ethical computer recycling organisation in the UK. The main reasons how we are doing this are detailed below:

  • Revive IT has secured financial provisions from investors along with profits gained to cover rapid growth over the coming 5 year period
  • We are pouring extreme amounts of resources into employee training plans to ensure we are trained up for the future mainly focused around data sanitization and security
  • We are employing teams of data destruction oriented software developers to establish IT hardware data sanitization solutions for tomorrow’s future
  • Revive IT along its journey has acquired an experienced, industry aligned management team who are competent in leading us towards our key objective in a smooth and successful fashion
  • We are allocating extensive amounts of time for us to liaise with manufacturers to discover and educate ourselves voluminously for tomorrow’s data destruction requirements. This means we’re ready to catch all data carrying assets as they appear in our process line
  • We are persistently on the outlook to acquire the most advanced software, IT and technological facilities available on the market to ensure we are at the forefront of state of the art computer disposal and data destruction
  • Revive IT have a regular changeover of assets such as vehicles to ensure only the best are used for our operations
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