Data Wiping

With our software we can erase the above devices to the following standards:

Quick Erase 1pass Low Security
RCMP TSSIT OPS-II 8pass Medium Security
DOD Short 3pass Medium Security
US DOD 5220.22-M 7pass High Security
Gutman Wipe 35pass High Security
PRNG Stream depends on rounds
German VSITR 7pass High Security
Russian GOST p50739-95 5pass High Security
User Defined
RIT System 2 Single pass 0s with verification Medium Security
SSD Erase NAND Based erase High Security
RIT high Security 3 Pass 0s and random with inteligent verification High Security

Data wiping is clearly essential when it comes to disposing of redundant / faulty computer systems but it is critical that it is done correctly to the highest standards at the same time. The only way to permanently destroy data, without physically destroying hard disks & data retaining components is by overwriting the data through generating and recording random characters across the entire surface of the data retaining component / drive, resulting in all data being destroyed and file sizes reset to zero. Revive IT only use the latest methods and versions of industry standard software to ensure complete data sanitization on all devices which we process.

We would like to highlight the primary features of this essential service:

  • Revive IT perform regular audits of our data wiping setups to ensure 100% compliance
  • All our data wiping systems are industry standard and data sanitize the complete range of data retaining devices without compromise
  • We acknowledge that people are the foundation for an organisation; Revive IT only employ the very best IT engineers with extensive ICT experience and knowledge
  • All employed at Revive IT are trusted, security vetted to BS 7858, heavily trained and motivated
  • Revive IT have efficient, tried and tested methods of physical destruction should data wiping fail
  • We have an impressive online auditable item tracking system
  • Data sanitization methods can be catered around your specific needs with mainstream software such as Blancco / Tabernus and many other options available

Revive ITs complete infrastructure is built and audited to exceed highly stringent data security requirements – we recommend all our prospective clients visit us at some point

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  • Free* service
  • Nationwide collections
  • Everything IT related taken
  • Guaranteed data destruction
  • No third parties
  • Full Documentation & Certificates
  • Trusted by 1000s of organisations
  • Millions of items processed annually
  • Fully insured service
  • 9001 – Quality
  • 14001 – Environmental
  • 27001 – Data Security
  • 22301 – Continuity
  • 18001 – Safety
  • 50001 – Sustainability
  • BS 7858 – Staff Vetting
  • BS EN 15713 – Secure Destruction
  • UKAS Certified
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