Service Process and Options

This is our service process along with the options that are available at each step.

Revive IT cater for your individual requirements with a completely bespoke service.

We aim to provide our services free of charge as we’re able to generate revenue from recycled equipment.

If the equipment you have for recycling won’t generate enough revenue to cover our internal costs, we’ll offer a quote at the time of booking.

Our IT equipment recycling service is fully customisable with various options available at each stage of the process.”

  1. Contact Us
  2. Secure Collection
  3. Onsite Services
  4. Data Erasure (non-destructive)
  5. Data Destruction (physical destruction)
  6. Reporting
  7. Reuse and Recycling
  8. Account Management

Contact Us

Our friendly team will discuss your requirements. We’ll require some basic information of what you would like to recycle and data sanitise.

Get started by filling out our collection request form:

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Secure Collection

Revive IT will collect your equipment using our own security oriented logistics team. All our team members are friendly, trusted, security vetted to BS7858 and have passed our meticulous training.

You’ll received Waste Transfer Documentation at the point of collection.

Options Available:

  • Within 10 working days
  • Within 2 working days
  • Out of hours
  • Dedicated vehicle (no other client collections in the same vehicle)
  • Multiple collection operatives

Onsite Services

We are able to offer various additional services at your site to meet your individual requirements.

Options Available:

  • Onsite asset inventory with these options:
    • Item Type
    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial Number
    • Asset Tag
  • Data bearing device asset inventory with these options:
    • Item Type
    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial Number
    • Asset Tag
    • Physical Size
    • Interface
    • Storage Capacity
  • Hard drive crushing
  • Decommissioning of network cabinets, data centre equipment and end user IT systems

Data Erasure (non-destructive)

Revive IT securely data sanitise your data bearing devices to ensure irreversible destruction of your confidential data.

Options Available:

  • Standard data erasure using Revive IT & OEM systems
  • Blancco data erasure (NCSC Approved) with these options:
    • Single pass erasure
    • 3 pass enhanced erasure
    • Custom erasure method
    • Customisable Blancco Erasure Summary
    • Individual Blancco Device Erasure Certificates
  • BlackBelt data erasure for smartphones and tablets with these options:
    • Standard erasure
    • Enhanced erasure
    • Custom erasure method
    • Customisable BlackBelt Erasure Summary
    • Individual BlackBelt Device Erasure Certificates

Data Destruction (physical destruction)

Any data bearing devices which are obsolete or fail erasure will be physically destroyed.

Options Available:

  • Standard physical destruction using Untha RS40-750-37 shredder, SEM 0101 crusher and via damage to data bearing components
  • High security 6mm shredding using Untha RS40-750-37 shredder with 6mm screen
  • HD Video footage of physical destruction


We’ll provide asset inventory and destruction reporting in as much detail as you require. All documentation will be provided within 7 working days of collection unless otherwise agreed.

Options Available:

  • Standard reporting: Item Type and Quantity
  • Intermediate reporting: Item Type, Make, Model, Serial Number and Asset Tag
  • Customisable reporting with these options:
    • Item Type
    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial Number
    • Asset Tag
    • Weight
    • Outcome (recycled, reused, destroyed, shredded, data erased etc.)
    • Grade
    • Condition
    • Testing Notes
    • EWC
    • Breakdown by item type
    • Other customisable

Reuse and Recycling

Devices that have been successfully data sanitised will be reused.

Any devices which are faulty or obsolete are broken down for zero waste to landfill materials recycling.

Options Available:

  • Revive IT retains the data erased equipment
  • Data erased equipment can be returned for reuse / redeployment

Account Management

You’ll have a designated Account Manager throughout the entire service and for any requirements going forward.

Options Available:

  • Documentation sent electronically
  • Provision of an online portal for the management of collections, reporting, users and sites
  • Collection data summary via online portal
  • Collection data graphs via online portal

Why use Revive IT?

Free* Service

Nationwide Collections

All IT related WEEE waste taken

Guaranteed Data Destruction

WEEE & GDPR Compliant

No Third Parties

Full Documentation & Certificates

Trusted by 1000s of Organisations

Millions of Items Processed Annually

Fully Accredited & Insured Service

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Revive IT are trusted by 1000s of organisations annually with the secure disposal of their IT hardware.

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Request a Collection