Zero Waste

At Revive IT we realise the importance of recycling as much as possible because our resources won’t last forever, landfilling is unsustainable, the cost of waste disposal is rising and legislation is imposing increasingly challenging recycling rates.

More than often IT hardware is mistakenly determined as obsolete but to others this isn’t the case. During processing, items are determined as reusable or non-reusable. Any hardware which is reusable in its current form is data sanitized, tested and safety quality checked, ready for reuse. All remaining materials and hardware which is confirmed as unusable is data sanitized and broken down for materials recycling. All materials in IT hardware can be recycled efficiently such as all plastics, metals and various other components.

As a result of Revive ITs efficient materials segregation and recycling system along with our refurbishment and reuse systems, we are able to confirm that we operate a zero waste recycling operation.

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Request a Collection