Computer recycling Cardiff

We provide a Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Cardiff

Revive IT recycling LTD can collect free of charge from Cardiff as part of the Computer Recycling Cardiff Service provided that there is a minimum of 10 PC-sized items. We can collect any type of IT equipment from rack mount servers to keyboards.

Part of the service is the data destruction service where we process the data bearing devices and email across a data destruction certificate (DDC) once they have been wiped/crushed which should be within a month. However we are constantly trying to improve this service so that we can send the certification as quick as possible. As for the actual process of the data destruction, when the equipment comes into the warehouse it is immediately processed for hard drives and other data bearing devices. Then the hard drives are data wiped using software which overwrites the data on the hard drive with random characters over and over again. This resets the file space to zero and makes the information previously on the hard drive unobtainable. As for the tapes etc, they are crushed/ degaussed in our warehouse and are written on the DDC to be emailed across after computer recycling Cardiff. Also, in the area of Cardiff a lot of companies prefer to have their hard drives crushed onsite for a minimal fee using a CESG approved crusher that can totally crush the hard drive. This pierces a hole in the platter making the data on the hard drive unreadable.

All staff here at Revive IT Recycling LTD have been CRB checked so that you do not have to worry about criminals having your data in their hands. All our vehicles have tracking systems attached and security locks on them so that the equipment you have recycled has not been taken during transport.

If there is any other questions you have about our Computer Recycling Cardiff Service or if you would like us to send a vehicle to your company address don’t hesitate to call us on 01132621392 or email us at and we will respond ASAP.

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