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We provide a Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Derby

The East Midlands is a massive county consisting of hundreds of companies that at least once in a while need their redundant IT equipment removing from their premises. Derby (as well as Nottingham and Leicester) is one of the major cities of the East Midlands that we usually have businesses and schools requesting us to come and collect their old IT equipment. Eight of ten of these companies actually believe that they should be paying us to dispose of this scrap equipment when really we can provide a free service which of course these companies would bite your hand off for.

The key objectives of our disposal service:

  • 100% FREE service. As long as you have at least the minimum quantity.
  • We take anything that is IT related
  • Environmentally friendly company
  • You will receive a Data Destruction Certificate (DDC) after the data bearing devices have been cleaned
  • No third parties involved; we use our own drivers and Mercedes vehicles and cover nationwide
  • Minimum amount of IT apparatus is 10 PC-sized items – no maximum quantity
  • Hard Drive & Media Tape crushing included. Can be seen if requested.
  • We are fully licensed by the Environment agency to collect and store your IT waste
  • Full certification provided for your records. E.G. WTN (Waste Transfer Note), Hazardous Waste Consignment Note
  • Computer Recycling Derby

The majority of companies that we have collected from in the Computer recycling Derby area have produced over 500KG per year which is approximately 30 CRT monitors. If this is the case for you then you must be registered as a hazardous waste producer so that you can comply with the law. This just allows the government to keep an eye on where everything is going just to make sure that it is getting disposed of correctly.

We are based in Leeds and our computer recycling Derby service covers the whole area of the East Midlands and beyond. We collect nationwide provided it is viable for us to do so. For example we have collected from Eastbourne but the company had to dispose of at least a van full of IT equipment just for us to provide a free service. However in the Derby area it is usually around 10 PC-sized items.

So just contact us if you would like your unwanted IT equipment to be collected free of charge.

Revive IT – for all your computer recycling requirements within Derby.

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