Computer disposal Blackburn

We provide a Commercial IT Disposal Service within Blackburn

Computer disposal in Blackburn has never been easier. Revive IT Recycling Ltd will collect all your old, faulty or damaged IT Equipment to be either reused or recycled.

Our vehicles visit the Blackburn area regularly to collect from various locations such as: Accrington, Oswaldtwistle, Eccleshill, Darwen, Abbey village, Ramsgreave Brownhill etc.

Do you have over 10 computer or monitor sized items – if yes, your collection can be picked up and processed free of charge. And not only that all your hard drives and data baring devices can be physically destroyed or data wiped free.

If you are wondering how your data gets processed:

Any hard drives are data wiped and if they fail they are crushed by our CESG approved crusher. If they are below 20GB they are also crushed. Any data tapes are immediately shredded along with any other media such as tapes / CDs etc. Mobile phones and network switches are config wiped.

IT Equipment waste soon amounts up each year and one thing you need to keep in mind is, if you produce over 500KG of hazardous waste you need to logon to the UKs environment website where you need to register the particular producing site as a producer. This is a simple process and only costs £18 to get your site registered. You will then appear on a register available on the internet.

A notable past collection from Revive IT (under the computer disposal Blackburn service), was one from a large school that was moving premises. As their budgets were low, they were in search of a company who would securely data wipe their hard drives and dispose / re-use where appropriate. The school required a pickup prior to the Christmas holidays which was 3 days away and Revive IT Recycling we able to provide one with documentation within 1 week which they were very pleased with.

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