Computer disposal Salford

We provide a Commercial IT Disposal Service within Salford

Revive IT Recycling Ltd specialise in the secure collection and disposal of old, broken and redundant IT Equipment. This is a great solution to efficiently remove any waste IT in the Salford area.

Main areas we operate in Salford are: Pendlebury, Eccles, Trafford park, Ordsall, Prestwich, Swinton park, Swinton, Peel green etc.

Our Computer disposal Salford service is free of charge, data secure and we don’t pick and choose what we take – we take anything IT related in absolutely any condition.

If your company also produces cardboard, we can collect this regularly free of charge. We can provide 1100L wheelie bins to allow you to store it outside without it getting weathered. Revive IT re-use the cardboard as packaging. Instead of putting it though an energy demanding recycling process, we simply re-use it.

To enquire about computer disposal Salford, simply phone or email us providing your details, a rough guide to what you need collecting and your preferred collection date and time. Our main collection hours are 8 – 6pm workdays. If these are inconvenient we’ll work around you. We are fast and efficient, and can usually collect immediately, if required. To save you time, palletisation of the equipment is not required. Just leave it where it is and let the driver do the work! If items such as photocopiers are too large to lift, they will be safely broken down before moving.

Remember commercial customers such as schools, businesses, offices, shops etc may need to be registered with the Environment Agency as a Hazardous Waste Producer to qualify for computer disposal Salford. Let us know if you require any further information or assistance in registering. It is a bit of hassle but to comply with the law it needs to be done.

Our head office is conveniently situated in the centre of the country – Leeds, Yorkshire. We send our vans all over the country to collect IT Equipment. Our secure storage units are based in Yorkshire, which is where all equipment collected, is taken to. However, we do have storage units around the country. The first thing we do when hardware is brought back to our PC Disposal site is remove the hard drives and any other data baring devices such as tape drives etc. They are crushed and or wiped swiftly to make sure you receive your certificates in a minimum time scale.

ReviveIT – for all your computer disposal requirements within Salford.

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