Computer disposal Trafford

We provide a Commercial IT Disposal Service within Trafford

Revive IT Recycling Ltd is Trafford’s number one for data destruction and IT Disposals.

Main locations in Trafford for our computer disposal Traford service:

Altrincham, Carrington, Flixton, Urmston, Sale, Stretford, Trafford Park, Old Trafford, Broadheath, Hale, Dunham Massey, Warburton, Partington, Hale Barns.

The main objective for our computer disposal Trafford service is that all devices containing data are removed and destroyed using a variety of methods such as data wiping, crushing or shredding. We can bring these procedures to your site or you can even come along to our warehouse and see this happening for yourself. Any visitors must stay with a member of Revive IT staff at all times when in our secure Leeds based warehouse.

To enquire about the services that computer disposal Trafford can provide, just contact us by phone or email to let us know exactly what you need – having quantities to hand is much helpful so we can determine what vehicle is required to carry out the service and if we can organise other collections around yours so we can be much more fuel efficient. To save you time and manpower, palletisation of the equipment is not required. Just leave the IT equipment in one place for the driver to load onto the van loosely. If any photocopiers are present in the collection please let us know as the driver will need an extra person to help him load this onto the vehicle. As long as you have the necessary 10 desktop computer-sized items then your collection will be free of charge in any destination around Trafford. PC-sized item consists of PCs, servers, monitors, laserjet printers, UPSs and photocopiers etc.

All our staff have the relevant training and qualifications to carry out the best service possible.

Our data destruction services which are part and parcel in the computer disposal Trafford service consist of CESG approved crushing, Data wiping, Shredding, Degaussing, Software reset and removal and destruction.

We are based in Leeds and our computer disposal service covers the whole of Greater Manchester. We will collect from all Trafford locations. Our secure storage units are based in Yorkshire, where all the equipment collected from companies is taken to be processed. Our warehouse is there to provide the most secure, safe and efficient service possible in the information technology recycling industry.

ReviveIT – for all your requirements for computer disposal in Trafford .

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