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We provide a Commercial IT Disposal Service within Warrington

Merseyside/Cheshire is a massive area comprising of thousands of companies that at least once every two years will need their IT equipment disposing of. Warrington (as well as Liverpool and St. Helens) is one of the main parts of Merseyside/Cheshire that we regularly have companies asking for their IT equipment to be collected. Surprisingly for us, the majority of these companies seem to be shocked to find that we provide a free service.

Warrington is situated close to Manchester, from which we collect from over 3 times a week – this means we are close by as and when you need us. Our vehicles have plenty of space and can collect and much WEEE for disposal as and when you require it.

Don’t forget, if you are in urgent need of computer disposal within Warrington, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Maybe you need to hit a deadline and we should be able to help with your computer disposal.

The majority of companies in the Warrington area produce well over 500KG per year which is approximately 30 CRT monitors. It is the law to have your site registered if you fall into this bracket of producing this much hazardous waste. This just allows the government to keep an eye on where everything is going so it does get disposed effectively.

We are based in Leeds and our computer disposal Warrington service covers the whole of Merseyside/Cheshire. We collect from all over the UK provided it is viable for us to do so. For example we can collect from Plymouth but it needs to at least a full Mercedes Sprinter full of IT equipment for us to do so. However in the Warrington area it is usually over 10 PC-sized items.

So just contact us if you would like your unwanted IT equipment to be collected free of charge.

ReviveIT – for all your computer disposal needs within Warrington.

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