Computer disposal Yorkshire

We provide a Commercial IT Disposal Service within Yorkshire

Revive IT Recycling Ltd has the qualities to provide a fast and effective way of getting rid of your unwanted IT equipment. We have the manpower and equipment here to not just collect your equipment for you free of charge but we can also process and destroy any data bearing devices present in your IT equipment.

With our computer disposal Yorkshire service we also include 100% free data destruction which makes sure that any devices such as HDDs, Tapes, Routers, Switches, Networking items, Phones, USB Sticks are wiped to the relevant standards. We almost always provide a free collection for your redundant IT hardware the only time it wouldn’t be a free collection is if the equipment is wet or there is less than the required 10 PC-sized items.

To get more info on our computer disposal services within Yorkshire, phone up our office  letting us know how much equipment you need to get rid of and where you are based in Yorkshire. Whether it is Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, York, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Middlesborough, Hull, Sheffield, Barnsley, Scunthorpe, Grimsby etc, it will always be free as long as you have those 10 minimum pc sized items.

We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire so if you have more than the minimum 10 items then we can collect free of charge within the week in certain areas. Also, if you have less than the minimum requirement then you are very much welcome to drop off your IT equipment at our warehouse. Just contact us on the day to say you are coming to drop off the equipment and we’ll have an employee help you get it out of the car/van. Any equipment that does come into the facility is also refurbished to be sold on and reused as we have the necessary licences from the environment agency to certify that we are able to do this in a efficient manner.

ReviveIT is a specialist in removing and the disposal of waste IT Equipment that has passed its sell by date.

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