Computer recycling Blackburn

We provide a Commercial IT Disposal Service within Blackburn

Revive IT Recycling LTD is the best choice for disposing of your old IT equipment in the Blackburn area using the Computer Recycling Blackburn service.

We have a number of vehicles going through Blackburn at least once a week in such location as: Abbey village, Darwen, Accrington, Burnley, Oswaldtwistle, Ramsgreave, Brownhill, Eccleshill etc.

Do you need a company to get rid of 10 PC/Monitor sized items? – If yes, your collection can be picked up and disposed of in an appropriate way free of charge. Not just that! We can promise that all your hard drives and data baring devices can be physically destroyed or data wiped free as part of the service.

If you are puzzled on how your data bearing device will be processed well let us explain. Hard drives are data wiped and if they fail in the wiping stage they are crushed by our CESG approved crusher. The crusher is a no nonsense machine that will crush the platter in the hard drive to make sure that there is no data that can be read on the hard drive. If they are below 20GB they are also crushed. Any data tapes are immediately shredded along with any other media such as tapes / CDs etc. Mobile phones and network switches are config wiped. All this will be put on a Data destruction certificate to prove that all the data bearing devices we removed your company have been wiped/crushed accordingly.

Do you produce more than 500kg per annum of hazardous IT equipment (Monitors/ Laptops/UPSs etc)? Then you will need to register as a hazardous waste produced with the environment agency as part of the law. If you need any help with this at all before your collection then please get in contact and we can do our best to help you out. The reason that you have to register is for the government to keep track of where this hazardous equipment goes.

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