Computer recycling Cambridge

We provide a Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Cambridge

Revive IT recycling LTD can provide a service called the Computer Recycling Cambridge Service which allows companies to recycle their IT equipment that is not needed in any condition free of charge*.

Our warehouse is actually based in Leeds, West Yorkshire but we cover nationwide so if there are other offices around the UK you would like to get your unwanted IT equipment collected then we can help you out. We have vehicles in the area of Cambridge at least once every 2 weeks but you have to bear in mind that for a free collection it has to be minimum of 10 PC-sized items. Also part of the service is the data destruction service where we process the data bearing devices and email across a data destruction certificate once they have been wiped/crushed. If you need an asset report please let the driver know and he can load the vehicle appropriately so we can email this over along with the DDC. Also, in the area of Cambridge a lot of companies like to have their hard drive crushed onsite at a minimal fee using our CESG approved equipment. This pierces a hole in the platter making the data on the hard drive unreadable.

We can dispose of hazardous equipment as well – for example, batteries for free as long as they are with other types of PC-sized items. If you are producing over 500kg per year of hazardous waste then you need to be registered so you can be a hazardous waste producer with the environment agency. It is the law to do this but we can help you to register if needed.

If there is any other questions or if you would like to organize us to come and collect your equipment then don’t hesitate to call us on 01132621392 or email us at [email protected] and we will respond ASAP.

*Collections will be free of charge dependent on the amount of IT equipment they need to recycle. This is usually 10 PC-sized items. A PC-sized item consists of PCs, Servers, Laser Printers, and Photocopiers etc

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