Computer recycling Glasgow

We provide a Commercial IT-Computer Recycling Service within Glasgow

Although Revive IT Recycling LTD does not travel to Glasgow regularly, we can still do a Scotland collection every month. If you have at least 150 PC sized items to be disposed of in Glasgow or at least in the general area then we can organize this collection immediately and it will be completed within 2 weeks. If you have around 10 PC sized items then it will be within one month. However, we can promise you that these two scenarios will both be collections that will be free of charge.

Usually offices/schools in Glasgow get in touch with us requesting a collection, so all we need from you is the quantity of IT waste that you need to discard and also where you are based. When we know the answer to these two problems we calculate which date is best for both Revive IT and you, which in turn allows us to organize a collection. Next, the vehicle arrives on the date of the scheduled collection and begins to load the vehicle with the loose equipment from you and fills out the WEEE certificates for you to which you and the driver part ways allowing the driver to head back to base. The van unloads at our base in Leeds, West Yorkshire and it is consequently processed for hard drives and other items with data present on them so that we can complete a Data Destruction Certificate as quick as possible. The hardware is broken down into materials e.g. copper cable, metal, plastic etc. Some of the equipment is even tested to work and are sold on as refurbished machines.

Revive IT Recycling LTD can give you more information on the Computer Recycling Glasgow Serviceand if you would like to book a collection then call us on 01132621392 or email us at quoting the amount of waste you need to dispose of and where you are located in the UK. If there are any other offices or schools you need us to collect from in the UK then let us know and we can see what dates are convenient for you to allow this collection to take place.

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Request a Collection