Computer recycling Hull

We provide a Computer Recycling Service within Hull

Revive IT Recycling LTD can provide you with a free collection so long as you have a minimum of ten PC sized items. There are no maximum numbers on the amount of IT equipment that we can collect, so feel free to load the van with as much equipment that you need to get rid of.

We are based near Leeds city centre ever so close to the M62 so we regularly have vehicles in the Hull area collecting unwanted IT apparatus. As well as collecting the excess equipment from you in Hull, we can provide you with a data destruction service making sure the data that you have passed on to us is destroyed with immediate effect. We have a number of CRB checked employees going through the PCs/servers/laptops and removing any data bearing devices so that the data can be removed.We wipe the hard drives using software that overwrites the hard drive with random characters making the information previously written on the hard drives unreadable. In the end we email across a data destruction certificate once this process has been completed.

If told on collection, the driver can organize us to provide you with an asset report so that you have the choice of clearing them off your inventory lists. We also can crush your hard drives onsite for a small fee where we use the CESG approved equipment that can pierce a hole in the platter of the hard drive making the information that was once on hard drive unreadable. If it is not needed onsite, then we can do the same process for the hard drives back at the warehouse without any charge whatsoever – only with computer recycling Hull.

If you would like to know more about the Computer Recycling Hull Service or if you want one of our vans to come and collect the equipment you no longer need then do not hesitate to call us on 01132621392 or email us at and we will respond ASAP.

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Request a Collection