Computer recycling Nationwide

We provide a Computer Recycling & Disposal Service Nationwide

Yes, Revive IT Recycling Ltd do provide free computer recycling Nationwide – we will collect from Scotland, Wales, England, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle, Carlisle, Stafford, Stoke-on-Ttrent, Birmingham, London, Oxford, Peterborough, York, Hull, Colchester, Cambridge, London, Manchester, Reading, Northampton, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Liverpool, Warrington, Bristol, Wolverhampton etc. The only locations we can’t get to are Islands such as Ireland.

Included is data destruction, either at your site or at ours. Note – information destruction at your site may require a small payment as the truck mounted destruction equipment has to be brought to you and it is rather expensive.

Revive IT Recycling not only consider the environment in their main line of work but we do so in all our other operations – All electronics that use electricity are turned off when not in use, as a pose to leaving in hibernate as many offices do at night. We only use energy efficient lights in both our offices and warehouses. All consumables such as ink / toners are recycled. We have recycling bins to segregate our waste (e.g. cardboard / paper, food, general waste, plastics, batteries, various metals, cable, confidential waste etc). All vehicle operators are taught well by experienced computer recycling nationwide drivers how to drive economically (basically not revving the vehicle heavily). All vehicles use GPS to avoid them getting lost and driving pointlessly. We merge collections in the same location together to ensure no fuel is wasted.

Our computer recycling nationwide service has received many good references so if you are unsure and would like to hear from previous clients, please let us know and we’ll email some over. There is however a page you should see regarding this on our website, called customer satisfaction.

Our Nationwide service has many high security features including online vehicle tracking so you can watch your computer waste as it is transported securely to our site.

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