Computer recycling Newcastle

We provide a Computer equipment Recycling Service within Newcastle

If you are looking to dispose of computer / IT waste in the Newcastle area, you are in the right place! Revive IT have recently started collecting up north and we now collect IT Equipment for recycling Nationwide. For more in depth details into our unique services, please view the various pages on our website but this particular page discusses computer recycling within Newcastle. Newcastle is situated on the A1M motorway / A1 Road up to Edinburgh (Scotland) which Revive IT Recycling Ltds vehicles travel up and down regularly transporting IT Equipment waste. Even if you don’t require a waste transfer note and simply just want to have rid of your computer waste, we still have to produce one. Same goes if you drop IT Waste off. It has to all be recorded in our incoming logs for the environment agency. Other logs we have to manage are T11 refurbishment of IT Equipment records where everything we repair for re-use if logged. This allows it to be tracked and then if it were ever required to be found, we could find it.

This is an in depth list stating what computer equipment we can collect via the computer recycling Newcastle service – Computer PC Base units, printers, All-in-one printers fax copiers, Photocopiers, UPS systems, Batteries, Apple equipment, Toners, Laptops, Servers, Cables / connectors, Mobile phones, Networking items etc. If you are unsure of any of these, please let us know.

All you require to book a computer recycling collection in Newcastle is the following – consider it a quick checklist if you are considering giving Revive IT a call – You need the Newcastle collection address along with full contact details and site availability / access. What do you need collecting (a rough guide is ok, but please make sure to state if there are any massive items (e.g. photocopiers) which will require additional loading equipment etc.

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