Computer recycling Nottingham

We provide a Commercial Computer Recycling Service within Nottingham

Producers of computer waste in the Nottingham area now have a new responsibility under the WEEE regulations. It is called ‘waste hierarchy’ – how does this affect you? Well firstly on each waste duty transfer note – you have to sign a tick-box to confirm you have complied with it.

All the waste computers you are disposing of – have you checked if they can be given a home, if fixed, somewhere in your organisation. Just because a fan goes on a computer, it doesn’t make it immediately un-useable. It can be repaired and then kept in use. The waste hierarchy system gives top priority to re-use and refurbishment instead of simply throwing out and replacing.

Revive IT Recycling understand that it is simply easier to replace your IT Equipment instead of deal with continual repairs and replacements. That is why we will collect all your computer waste, free of charge and then we will do the repairs and refurbishment so that the waste hierarchy has been complied with. We complete refurbishment reports so you can know what has been refurbished or recycled via computer recycling Nottingham. Before it is re-used, it is classed as waste due to you discarding it. Everything Revive IT re-uses has been PAT tested. It is sold to end users at a cheap reasonable price which allows us to provide the computer recycling Nottingham service in the first place.

If it is the data protection issue that you worry about, worry no more as Revive IT Recycling have got that covered. We have invested in many computer data destruction methods that will suit your demands whether you need destruction at your Nottingham site or whether free offsite destruction is preferred.

Nottingham is on one of our main routes down south, the M1 – so pickups can be as regular as you demand, together with free battery and cardboard/packaging collections.

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