Computer recycling Oldham

We provide a Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Oldham

A fast response computer recycling service is provided to the Oldham community (businesses, colleges, universities, offices, warehouse, residentials, NHS, Government, Councils) – it called computer recycling Oldham.

With this computer disposal service, there is no need to worry about the threats of data theft as computer recycling Oldham is as secure as it gets. All the vehicles are tracked twenty four hours per seven days a week. All the drivers and operators are criminal record checked and are clean. Our freshly refurbished site in Leeds has top of the range security including razor wire, closed circuit television, security guards, ram proof entrances etc.

Computer recycling Oldham offers a range data disposal services – 1. All your data cartridges can be shredded, degaussed (prior to shredding) or crushed. Any hard drives can be crushed, shredded, degaussed or data wiped. Any CDs, DVDs, Floppies, flash USBs etc can be shredded. Better yet, these processes can be achieved at your site under your watchful eye. They are usually cost free, but get in touch to confirm your circumstances.

Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Warrington, Liverpool, Sale etc are more regular collection service areas for computer recycling and Oldham is on the way so collections can be as and when you choose.

Revive IT Recycling Ltd can now collect and recycle as materials any type of batteries no matter what they have been used for. Such as car batteries, UPS batteries etc. This is also free of charge. But remember, if you produce over 500KG there are extra responsibilities.

The waste hierarchy is taken into consideration at every part of the computer recycling Oldham service process – whatever WEEE it is, it is considered for re-use / refurbishment, prior to the recycling. A Revive IT asset tag is attached to each item once it has been refurbished.

Please ask if you would like to hear more about computer recycling in Oldham.

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