Computer recycling Preston

We provide a Computer equipment Recycling & Disposal Service within Preston

Here we have a service, designed to suit all consumers of all shapes and sizes based in the Preston area – it is computer recycling Preston. Revive IT Recycling Ltd will accept all kinds of computer equipment for recycling such as printers, all-in-one computers, laptops, microphones, music electronics, screens / displays, whiteboards, apple computers etc. Whatever you have it will either be recycled or re-furbished depending on what it is.

So how does the service work? Well you get in touch, clearly state what exactly you need to recycle via the Computer Recycling Preston service (for example – 30 PCs, 20 Displays and misc cables). You need to state if they need decommissioning or if they have already been removed and are just awaiting collection. Are there any access or parking restrictions (for example – can our vehicles only access certain locations at certain times or can vehicles of a certain size only access or is the IT Equipment computer PCs situated in a difficult to access part of your building where it will take a considerable amount of time to load the computer waste?)  Are there any very heavy objects over 50KG such as photocopiers or rack mount cabinets – if so is there anyone available to load the vehicle? We will send a vehicle suitable for your computer recycling Preston pickup.

Note – our vehicles do multiple collections instead of just one, to make the journey more fuel efficient. Once the equipment has been loaded the appropriate documents will be completed and your details written in. If you require your hard drives crushing onsite, this is when it will be done. If not – your collection is driven back to our location and unloaded the same day by the night team. Your collection is allocated a cage and then one of our skilled technicians will remove everything data baring. The collection will then be typed into an online asset report.

Request a Collection

Request a Collection