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We provide a Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Reading

Computer recycling Reading (Reading city centre, Reading town centre, Berkshire, Caversham, Norcot, Southcote, Earley, Woodley, Sandford, Charvil, Twyford, Dunsden, Englefield, Wokingham, Ruscombe, Spensers wood, Shinfield, Pangbourne, M4 Motorway).

If you are looking for a computer recycler and you are based in Reading, Revive IT Recycling Ltd can be your supplier.

There are a series of questions you need to be asking before you choose a computer IT Equipment WEEE PC Disposal company. Do they provide documentation such as WEEE documents (waste transfer notes, hazardous waste consignment notes, hazardous waste return to producer notes)? Does our computer waste bare any hard drives or other data baring devices that bare confidential data? If so will the disposal company destroy these and possibly destroy them onsite (if your policies require for computer recycling Reading)? Do we need a disposal asset report for any disposed of IT Equipment can be knocked off our asset register? Is all the WEEE collected by the disposal companies own vehicles because you certainly don’t want 3rdparties doing the collections which could compromise your data’s safety. Does the computer recycling company hold the correct licenses to provide legal computer recycling such as AATFs, ATF, T11, WEEE, S2, Waste carrier license etc? What will happen to all WEEE collected – where will it all go?

The computer recycling Reading service will ensure that we comply with all regulations and provide the relevant paperwork for your peace of mind.

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