Computer recycling Sheffield

We provide a Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Sheffield

Sheffield is a large industrial city and area based in south Yorkshire. Due to being based in Yorkshire, Revive IT Recycling is able to offer its most reliable computer recycling Sheffield service. This computer recycling service among our other IT Equipment disposal services is very good for schools, businesses, colleges, offices etc of all sizes. With a fleet of over 10 vehicles, all reliable and modern, Revive IT can guarantee your business a smiley face.

No matter what type of IT Equipment Computer PCs you need to recycle, we will advise accordingly. Some electrical WEEE we can’t take, but we will advise accordingly.

A recent pickup was requested by a bus provider in Sheffield we had a few sites, each with varying IT Equipment that needs to be disposed of – some from the 20th century. Some of the more modern POS systems they had were re-useable. No matter what they needed to recycle, Revive IT collected everything and provided both a haz waste consignment note + normal waste transfer note. The IT staff at the bus company hadn’t had much experience dealing with disposals before but Revive IT were able to advise them of their legal obligations such as one relating to WEEE and the data protection act. Computer recycling Sheffield provided the company with the waste documents and kept them on file for 3 years. All their hard drives were crushed offsite, saving them the hassle. They received a data destruction certificate as standard for this.

As they hadn’t produced much hazardous waste, they didn’t have to register as a hazardous waste producer. This is only if you produce over 0.5Tonne every year of items such as batteries, CRTs, LCDs, TFTs, UPSs etc. If you are unsure, just ask Revive IT Recycling to weigh your hazardous waste after every collection done.

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