Computer recycling Southampton

We provide a Computer Recycling Service within Southampton

Despite Revive IT Recycling Ltd being situated in Leeds, we provide our computer recycling service nationwide including computer recycling Southampton. We are able to do this as we have vehicles driving around the country at all times. Many of our customers have sites all across the UK all demanding us to provide this service. Data destruction is one of the main features included in this service, not to mention, how professionally it is provided.

A big computer recycling Southampton collection that recently occurred was an enormous steel works company based in the location which was taken over by another foreign company. Among many problems, they had over 2000 computer system items to be collected from multiple locations in Southampton. The collections had to be done one at a time due to restricted access.

The hard drives and other data baring devices were ok to be destroyed offsite. The steel company, chose Revive IT for this service and organised the collection dates.

Revive IT sent a team of 2 members of staff to collect the first load of IT Equipment waste (laptops, desktops, printers, servers, UPSs, batteries etc) which were all well documented using asset reporting techniques such as barcode scanning etc. The steel company was very pleased with computer recycling Southampton.

Don’t be continually let down having your collections delayed and cancelled by poor quality computer recycling companies when you can use Revive IT Recycling. The service is very professional – all staff are well trained, all staff are neat and tidy with company uniforms, all vehicles are modern and branded – not to mention how reliable they are, all emails / calls / enquiries are answered quickly and reliably, our site is registered and licensed by the environment agency – as well as being monitored closely, full waste records are produced and then held on file for 3 years, we have invested thousands of pounds in heavy duty data destruction equipment such as our 30 system data wiping room etc.

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