Computer recycling Wakefield

We provide a Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Wakefield

Revive IT currently services a number of schools and businesses in the Wakefield region. Most of the businesses we service are based at Calder park (Wakefield business park) which is enormous – being home to over 200 businesses.

Computer Recycling Wakefield provided by Revive IT is one of the most successful computer recycling services in the region. There are many reasons for it being successful –

  • It is free of charge
  • Our vehicles are reliable with weekly and monthly collections, always on time
  • If you require any advice on what needs to be done regarding you disposal, just get in touch
  • All data is securely eliminated which can either be done at your site or it can be done at our location (as standard).

All computer waste is recycled by the most up to date technology wise equipment – our warehouse has recently been refurbished and boasts the best.

We have over 20 skilled warehouse technicians who are all well co-ordinated by their managers so they know what to do and when to do it. Not to mention the IT background they all have. Revive IT Recycling has taken on some school leavers and trained them well which helps the community instead of leaving them without jobs.

Revive IT, since it was set up has gained qualifications like environmental and quality management. A few others we are working on include – information, security management and BCM (Business continuity management).

All our vehicles are logoed up, look new and presentable. Security wise each has GPS tracking and additional security fitted throughout the fleet.

We have a large data wiping room which now contains 30 systems, all capable and currently wiping SCSI, SAS, IDE, SATA, SSD, On-disk-flash chips etc of all sizes such as 1.8”, 2.5”, 3.5” – any less than 20GB are destroyed. Our systems can currently wipe over 400 hard drives a day and if you think, they are operated approx 18 hours, every day, that adds up to quite a lot.

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Request a Collection