Computer recycling Warrington

We provide a Computer equipment Recycling & Disposal Service within Warrington

Revive IT will collect and dispose of WEEE waste and computer waste in the Warrington area at n0 cost. Our computer recycling Warrington service is well planned, organised and prepared. In the event of one of our vehicles breaking down, we have more vehicles on standby to ensure you don’t have to wait for your computer disposal.

Revive IT believes in good continuity management and we are working towards this accreditation. This involves ensuring we have a backup for everything. Faults and problems, without backups can cause imminent threats to our computer recycling Warrington service provision. The way Revive IT Recycling Ltd tackles this is by: Having additional standby vehicles in case on breaks down. Not over loading employees with more jobs than they can handle. Having backup storage available in the event ours were to be flooded or affected in some way. Having daily backups of all our data in a secure location which includes files, emails, contact lists and general company data. These are just some of the ways Revive IT Recycling is aiming to provide you with a free of charge, reliable computer disposal service.

All kinds of electronic computer items can be disposed of via computer recycling Warrington (west of Manchester): games consoles, misc computer components, batteries, car batteries, printers, UPSs, scanners, mobile phones, desk phones, switches, routers, displays, CRT monitors.

Please note – we do try to refurbish and re-use as much IT waste as possible but some equipment can’t be re-used such as CRT monitors, over eight year old computers/laptops and other obsolete objects.

A variety of companies recommend computer recycling Warrington for a number of reasons. The main reason being, we destroy free of charge all your hard drives, tapes and misc data holding objects so you can confidently relax and not worry about whether that data was actual destroyed. The real benefit of us is that you can stop by at your local depot and have your IT waste destroyed free in front of your eyes.

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