Computer recycling West Yorkshire

We provide a Commercial Computer Recycling Service within West Yorkshire

Revive IT Recycling Ltd has introduced the most secure, environmentally friendly and economical computer recycling service to this region. It is called ‘computer recycling west Yorkshire’. It allows all firms and residentials to dispose of unwanted, broken and obsolete WEEE waste. There is no need to hire contractors or get a costly waste management company in to collect and recycle your WEEE.

Just give Revive IT Recycling a call. Recent collections undertaken by Revive IT Recycling Ltd include small and medium and large collections processed every day in the West Yorkshire area. We can do 1 off collections, free collection, regular IT Recycling, scheduled computer recycling and contractual agreements of computer recycling service.

A large law firm based in Bradford, requested a computer recycling service which faced many problems – the goods loading entrance couldn’t be accessed workdays 8 – 6.30pm due to congestion. As it was a law firm, all hard drives had to be removed onsite, scanned into a disposal list and then crushed onsite. Due to there being over 800 computers, it turned out to be quite a task. They also had some 10,000VA UPSs installed to keep their small data centre online. These were soon to be decommissioned. After considering many computer recycling services in west Yorkshire, the firm decided to use Revive IT Recycling.

The collection was scheduled in for 1 week later on a Sunday. 5 Revive IT 3.5tonne vehicles attended the site with 8 employees. The whole job, to complete took nearly 12 hours.

All hard drives were carefully removed by 3 members of staff and the rails/screws were left inside so that they could be later reused. One employee scanned the hard drives into a report. Another employee crushed each hard drive to CESG standards and the rest moved the equipment around and loaded etc. The customer was very pleased with Revive IT.

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