Computer recycling Wolverhampton

We provide aComputer equipment Recycling & Disposal Service within Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is an area just based above Birmingham with a large population. Due to the enormous amount of public and private organisations such as schools, colleges, businesses and companies, there is a large amount of computer equipment that continually needs to be recycled. This is where Revive IT Recycling come in. Revive IT Recycling are strategically situated in the centre of the country and will happily provide the computer equipment disposal service nationwide free of charge. The service includes many added extras like data crushing and shredding, collection using our highly motivated team of IT recycling drivers and environmentally sound disposal services.

You always need to check a company is in line with the law. To do this, you got the environment agencies website where you can do a search. This allows you to confirm if a companies T11 exemption or permit is includes.

Why not get in touch and discuss your requirements? We dispose and collect any amount of IT equipment waste from just a few cables all the way to 1000s of user computer towers. With so much being either reused or recycled, less than 1% of your waste will go to landfill (the one percent being shredded tapes and rubble etc).

Our computer recycling Wolverhampton is a regular collection service. Unfortunately we haven’t got a depot in the Wolverhampton area but seeing as it is one of our main recycling and disposal collection routes it doesn’t really matter.

Every security issue has been thought over – such things like vehicle tracking, additional vehicle security, employee checks, identification checks, data destruction are all as standard at Revive IT Recycling Ltd.

Many hardware support companies in the Wolverhampton area require our computer recycling Wolverhampton – (Wolverhampton, Dunstall Hill, Bushbury, Oxley, Compton, Merridale, Blakenhall, Penn fields, Penn, Upper Penn, Ettingham, Bilston, Pleck, Walsall, Bloxwich, Coven Heath, Kingswood common etc).

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