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About our Data Destruction Leeds service

Data destruction in Leeds involves a variety of destruction methods. Each designed to suit a different requirement. Revive IT Recycling Ltd won’t just destroy your data devices. We will even bag up and remove all the waste after the devices have been destroyed. For example: Revive IT shred 1000 tapes at a customer’s location in Leeds centre, bag up the shredded tape and remove it for plastic recycling. We can physically destroy a number of things at any location in Leeds which include tapes, HDDs, flashes, 2.5” ide drives, SATA drives, SCSI Drives etc.

Destruction is carried out in a professional fashion as at destruction machines are worth £1000s and do their job very professionally to every high security level. It is Revive ITs responsibility to remove and destroy your data and we shall do so in all cases. Even when you only need computer recycling and don’t specify data destruction, offsite data destruction is done offsite always.

Data also comes in many other forms such as labels, references etc that are attached usually to customers machines. Once some sort of asset report has been written up, these are removed. Examples of references left attached are phone numbers and ip addresses. Some fax machines we get are caked in contact details.

How quickly can this data destruction Leeds service be provided then? We Revive IT Recycling are based just above the centre, less than 2 miles away in fact so anywhere in Leeds is close and can be accessed within 24hours. It is best booking in advance though to ensure no rushed disposal mistakes are made.

Data wiping software we use ranges from DBAN boot and nuke to eraser. All wiping tools we use can perform to the highest levels such as 7 passes and 3 passes. Although the experts usually consider it unnecessary to go to the highest levels, Revive IT can do so. This may be chargeable though.

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