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About our Data Destruction Manchester service

Manchester as a location goes through endless amounts of computers, printers, IT Equipment, Electricals, hard drives, terminals, copiers, desktop PCs etc – the mass of these items have confidential data stored which is no good thing if you come to dispose of it. This is where data destruction Manchester comes in providing you are based in the Manchester area. If you have any cardboard that needs recycling, this can be collected at the same time as your data destruction services. Our service can be issued in 2 different ways – one is where the Revive IT Recycling Ltd vehicle comes to your location and the other is where, we collect your data massing items along or not along with your IT Computer equipment waste. Either way, you will receive a data destruction documentation via email which will provide evidence of what has been recycled and what has not.

All Revive ITs employees are criminal record checked and can provide a copy of their certificate if they require and all carry around identification for the Manchester service. Revive IT Recycling aim to provide the highest security secure known to man.

Our data processing management team ensure checks are made to ensure all our data destruction Manchester services are performing at their highest level.

One example of a data destruction Manchester service provided was most recent when a large finance company phoned up from Manchester saying they were planning to remove a tape storage silo which amassed over 5000 back up media tapes. Revive IT Recycling were able to offer a cost effective price and provide the service in 1 full day. Our tape shredding machine mounted onto a 20tonne vehicle was able to shred this volume of tapes within a matter of hours. How pleased the finance company was with Revive ITs data destruction service.

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