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About our Data Destruction Warrington service

If you are based in Warrington and are requiring data destruction, Revive IT Recycling Ltd has the means to carry out what you require – our data destruction Warrington service.

You may be in the process of changing over your IT Equipment assets and need a means of securely destroying your hard drives, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and other media such as mobile Phones / cisco routers. All these items are possessed with data that can be extremely harmful to your business if someone else got their hands on it. They may even consider blackmailing you or even sold to competitors who would use it against you. This is why you need to ensure all your confidential data holding devices are securely wiped.

If your organisation has an IT Disposal policy in place that will not allow data to leave your site, that isn’t a problem. Revive IT will bring their onsite data destruction vehicle to you site in Warrington. We can provide a data destruction Warrington service to anybody with any volume but know this – the more data holding objects you have, the cheaper the price, whether it be onsite or offsite.

Revive IT Recycling are also able to remove your IT Equipment waste at the same time as providing your data destruction service. We can take any IT Equipment that is WEEE related.

Our data destruction methods are – hard drive shredding (where your hard drive disks are shredded to little pieces). CESG approved services are what we provide. Hard drive disk wiping (we can data wipe any hard drives, no matter what connections they have – SCSI, SATA, IDE, SSD, FLASH – but generally any below 20GB  are physically crushed as they are obsolete). Data tape crushing (your back up media drives are crushed and physically smashed up beyond recovery). Media tape shredding (your data holding tapes are shredded into absolute scrap that is recycled).

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