Electrical recycling

We provide an Electrical equipment Recycling & Disposal Service nationwide

Revive IT Recycling Ltd now provides electrical recycling throughout the whole UK region which covers Scotland, England and Wales. Unfortunately Revive IT can’t get to Ireland as the electrical recycling service only operates in mainland locations.

In case you are wondering what kind of electrical waste the service will take, we take absolutely anything that is or was used or was designed for computer, IT and telecoms.

Why is the service free, the general public and businesses usually ask? Well firstly we only perform collections that are viable so if you have less than 10 items, we unfortunately won’t be able to get to you without charging £50 (which covers the collection costs). For each hazardous waste consignment notes we produce, we have to pay £10 to the environment agency which clearly isn’t viable if only 1 electrical waste item is being listed on it.

The national electrical recycling will remove and dispose of a variety of items such as computers, monitors, printers, laptops, IT Equipment, WEEE, phones, servers ect. The service can be provided free because, most of the electrical waste has some recyclable or re-usable value still left in it and with a skilled team of technicians and mechanics, we provide the electrical recycling service without fail.

Revive IT Recycling Ltd’s health and safety record is going through the roof as it is outstanding. We have an onsite first aider, an onsite PAT tester and all employees are trained to the highest standard by all means available. All employees wear the relevant PPE (Personal protective equipment) such as steel toe caps and high visibility jackets which must be worn at all times. This equipment is required due to the risks of carrying waste electrical equipment for the electrical recycling service. Full health and safety records are kept and are available to those who request it.

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