Electrical recycling Leeds

We provide an electrical recycling service within Leeds

Electrical means anything that uses electricity. Revive IT Recycling can take all electrical equipment waste that was designed for IT equipment or telecoms use. The electrical recyclingLeeds service is free of charge and includes, transport, certification and data destruction.

There are a series of measures companies disposing of electrical must take according to the WEEE regulations – all WEEE that created by a company must be collected and recycled by a licenses waste carrier. Anyone can gain a waste carriers license so you must ensure the location they are taking the waste is permitted to accept it. Revive IT Recycling Ltd is a waste carrier and hence so are all its employees. The site all electrical waste is taken to is Unit 8, Buslingthorpe Green, Leeds, LS72HG which has a 5000sq.ft warehouse which accepts all IT Equipment, WEEE, Printers, Toners, Servers, Telecoms kit, UPSs, Batteries etc. The license Revive IT has been granted is a T11 exemption and has to be renewed every 3 years. We have paid for this license and the environment agency checks up on our site every few months. All electrical waste that is refurbished is stamped with a unique reference. This allows us to keep track of where every item has gone once it has been refurbished. Refurbished items include monitors, computers, displays etc and they are not allowed to be sold unless they are fully operational. Each refurbished item gets its own reference number.

Our Leeds service helps many people in Leeds meet their recycling targets. Revive IT collect anything electronically related so unfortunately we can’t collect anything else for recycling except cardboard which we use for packaging.

All Revive IT Recycling’s vehicles are heavy duty and serviced regularly to ensure they are reliable to ensure we don’t let customers down. If customers have any problems with the electrical recycling Leeds service, they can just contact the office for an easy resolve.

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