Electrical recycling Nottingham

Electrical recycling Nottingham: we provide a Commercial IT-Computer equipment Recycling & Disposal Service within Nottingham

Revive IT Recycling Ltd have a depot in Nottingham which gives us quick access to any company or school wanting an electrical recycling collection from within Nottingham. Maybe you are moving office and you need your waste electrical computer equipment WEEE picking up urgently. You may be involved with an IT support company and one of your clients will be soon requiring an IT equipment collection for recycling or they already have a collection required in Nottingham city centre, Radford, Beechdale, Lenton, Meadows, West Bridgford, Bakersfield, St Annes, Bobbers hill, Bobber mill, Aspley, Old Basford, Sherwood, Mapperley, Arnold, Gedling, Carlton, Netherfield, Colwick, Holme Pierrepont, Lambley, Giltbrook, M1 Motorway etc. Well you are looking at the correct website page as Revive IT Recycling can provide you with an all in one service to meet your requirements.

Sometimes your electrical assets can have asset tags that need securely removing before being either disposed of, or crushed for recycling. That is why Revive IT can provide an electrical disposal report which can be provided in many forms like a PDF, Excel, word doc. This will be emailed over along with your data destruction certificate. A lot of companies enquiring about the service, want to know if they receive any certificate to show what electrical have been disposed of. Well you can see this certificate on our certificates and licenses page on our website. You will be provided with both the hazardous and the non-hazardous electrical transfer notes before our vehicle finishes your electrical recycling at your premises.

Computers, printers, servers, UPS, batteries and cabinets can be recycled free of charge every time. Note – it is important to let Revive IT know if there are any heavy IT Equipment electrical waste items as lifting tools maybe required such as additional staff, tail lifts and trolleys etc.

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