Electrical recycling Sheffield

We provide a Commercial electrical equipment Recycling & Disposal Service within Sheffield

Sheffield is a very industrial area which has much manufacturing going on in the area. Revive IT have provided electrical recycling to the region (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Rotherham) for quite a while now and have built up a good reputation with many companies wanting to dispose of much electrical waste. Electrical waste collectable by Revive IT includes anything that is electrical-related such as printers, photocopiers, UPSs, batteries, phones, computers, IT Equipment, telecoms equipment etc

When choosing your supplier for electrical recycling, be sure that you choose one with the following attributes – they hold the relevant permits or exemptions, provided by the EA, they have a heavy vehicle operators licenses if they operate 7.5 tonne trucks or above that is, they provide the correct documentation (for example: duty of care waste notes, hazardous material transfer notes), they will data wipe or destroy your data if they say they will – you can even request to visit their site, they have the manpower to do so, how long have they been established, do they have much experience in the field and do they have any accreditation. Does the company you intend to use have someone who can answer all your questions fluently without fail? So how does Revive IT Recycling Ltd provide electrical recycling in Sheffield to meet the standard demanded by the customer – Revive IT have copies of all their up to date licenses and exemptions stored on their website. We again have copies of all environment agency approved waste notes shown on our licenses and certificates page – note, Revive IT has customised our notes slightly with our logos, phone number etc. Revive IT allow any customer to visit their site if they have a contact here. We have many employees, each with a different IT background and training. All our agents can answer all your questions about electrical recycling in Sheffield and if there is anything they are unsure of, they can give you a call back.

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