Electrical recycling Warrington

We provide an electrical Recycling & Disposal Service within Warrington

Warrington council collects 1000s of tonnes of electrical waste every annum for recycling just from residentials. Imagine what volumes of electrical waste companies, businesses and schools produce – exactly! Revive IT Recycling can offer anyone based in the Warrington area, a reliable, trustworthy accredited electrical recycling service. The electrical waste can be picked up whenever you choose by one of Revive IT’s vehicles. We provide all the associated notes for your records and we also keep them in our files too.

Here we’ll talk you through an example of an electrical recycling service provided to a large PLC based in Warrington – A call came through to one of Revive ITs agents; an environmental officer who looked after multiple sites within the region. One was an electronics manufacturing site which produced in excess of 1 tonne of computer WEEE every week. Another produced slightly less but also produced a skip load of cardboard too.

The company currently collecting the electrical recycling within Warrington wasn’t reliable and was charging too much. They wanted to give Revive IT Recycling Ltd’s service a try so they put their current service provider on hold for the time being. All the electrical waste was on pallets ready for Revive IT to collect each evening every week. They didn’t have much space to store the WEEE so good communication was required. Revive ITs 7500Kg vehicles loaded with a tail lift and a pallet truck arrived on schedule every week and collected the computer electrical waste. As the electrical waste was mainly computer towers, a hazardous waste duty note wasn’t required. The company was so pleased with the electrical recycling Warrington service, they set us up with their sites in other regions.

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