Free DHL Collection Service

Information, guidance, terms and conditions:

Revive IT Recycling has been established to provide a free commercial IT recycling and data destruction service. To complete the secure collection of our client’s redundant equipment we use our own vehicles and staff.

For non-commercial customers wishing to securely dispose of small volumes of old computers / electronics, Revive IT offers a collection service via DHL (UK Mail)- this is at no cost to the customer and this service is paid for by Revive IT. All precautions are taken by Revive IT to ensure the safety of your items. However once collected by DHL as our third party logistic provider there is an element of risk that is out of Revive IT’s control. Revive IT cannot take responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of items once collected by DHL. Any damage or loss of items will be reported to and investigated by DHL.

By using the free DHL collection service you accept and acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

  1. Revive IT is not liable for any losses should any items or parcels go missing before their arrival with us.
  2. Revive IT accepts no responsibility for devices until they are in our possession at our Leeds facility (Unit 7-8 Buslingthorpe Green, Leeds, LS7 2HG).
  3. You are using this service at your own risk.
  4. Adequate packaging materials must be provided by the customer.

Revive IT strongly suggests the following if you decide to use this service:

  1. You do not post items holding data which could cause distress should they be lost in postage.
  2. Items that hold very sensitive data are not posted using a third party (DHL). If items hold very sensitive data Revive IT offers to collect these using our own vehicles for a small charge (ask us for a quote).
  3. Effort should be made to erase your data from the devices; for example using factory reset options.
  4. Items should be posted in suitable packaging so that i. the contents can’t be seen from the outside ii. nothing is at risk of falling out iii. the contents will remain secure throughout the entire journey.
  5. If 2nd hand packaging is used all previous postage labels / addresses etc. must be removed.
  6. Care is taken to ensure items of fire risk aren’t posted (e.g. swollen lithium ion batteries).

This information, guidance, terms and conditions have been produced to protect our customers and Revive IT and will be updated accordingly.

Revive IT will always do it’s best to assist our customers and resolve any matters should they occur.

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Request a Collection