Free computer disposal

We provide a free Computer equipment Recycling & Disposal Service nationwide

Free computer disposal is a service that has only come around in the last decade or so due to the increased amount of IT Equipment being used. Nearly every house hold, office and business owns multiple computers. All of which have a usage expiry date.

Did you know the newest computers contain less valuable metals than the older ones. The free computer disposal service is offered nationwide, from Brighton to Dundee and regular collections are undertaken in each area. The main area is Yorkshire as that is where we are based.

Apple computers all hold hard drives and they are very difficult to remove, so most people dispose of them without even removing the hard drive. Revive IT Recycling Ltd have many technicians at hand who know how to quickly remove the hard drives from any piece of equipment whether it is a storage array or an Apple iMac.

Did you know even though all in one CRTs are computers, they are actually classed as hazardous waste too because they have lead and or mercury in them.

Our minimum specification request for a free computer disposal collection is an assortment of ten computer pc sized items and can be made up of absolutely anything IT.

To ensure the free computer disposal service has nationwide service, Revive IT recycling Ltd has multiple storage depots around the country but the only one which is always manned is the Leeds head office. The main site is open from eight to five thirty every day. If you only have a small amount that doesn’t meet our minimum requirement, you can stop by within these hours to drop off whatever you need to recycle. No need to get in touch prior. Even if you don’t require a duty of care note, Revive IT have to jot your details down and what you dropped off to be compliant with WEEE.

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