Free computer recycling Bolton

We provide a free Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Bolton

Bolton is a town, verging on city, based above Manchester. There are many schools, colleges, businesses, offices and companies located in this area; all of which will have typical IT equipment turnovers every 3 years or so. When you purchase IT equipment it is very expensive so why would you want to then pay to dispose of it. That is where the free computer recycling service within Bolton comes in.

Revive IT offer this to Bolton centre, Little lever, Farnworth, Kearsley, Stoneclough, Prestolee, Clifton, Radcliffe, Ainsworth, Bury, Bradshaw, Harwood, Bromley cross, Toppings, Chapeltown, Belmont, Egerton, Smithills, Barrow Bridge, Heaton, Lostock etc.

If you are wondering how the WEEE laws, data protection act law etc effect you, Revive IT Recycling Ltd are the people to talk to. We have a series of experts employed at Revive IT Recycling who can tell you what to do when it comes to disposing of your IT Equipment that needs to be recycled.

Firstly as your organisation no longer needs the pile of computers and WEEE you have, it automatically becomes waste and every transaction of waste needs to be recorded by waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes. These records need to be kept for 2 years, but don’t worry, we file them for you so if any authority asks you to produce them, just get in touch with us.

Our free computer recycling service in Bolton also takes waste cardboard and batteries. All the cardboard we collect is re-used for packaging. It doesn’t matter how much cardboard you produce, because Revive IT Recycling can take it all.

The Revive IT Recycling collection vehicles are very large and can collect up to 160 pcs in one go without exceeding the weight limit. Each driver has a set of wheels to allow them to move the waste computers easily without strain.

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