Free computer recycling Lancashire

We provide a free computer equipment Recycling & Disposal Service within Lancashire

Lancashire has been paying too long for computer recycling. Revive IT Recycling Ltd now cover the Lancashire area and we can do it free of charge which saves you money and keeps your costs down.

Computer recycling in Lancashire (Preston, Blackpool, Southport, Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe etc) involves Revive IT coming to your site, removing the computers you have and recycling them in accordance with the waste hierarchy. The waste hierarchy was brought into play in 2011/2012 and now you have to sign a declaration to say you have done your best to apply the waste hierarchy to your disposal methods. Basically it tells you to give priority to re-use and repair rather than simply creating the computer waste and then replacing it. Re-use and repair can keep your current IT assets in use for much longer and Revive IT can recommend some companies to help you with this. Once your IT assets have no use left in them, Revive IT Recycling can offer you computer recycling Lancashire providing you are in the Lancashire area.

All PC hard drives are only re-used if they are successfully data wiped with zeros. This method allows computer hard drives to be re-used. If you simply shred or crush hard drives then you will be left with hard driveless computers.

Revive IT can send a vehicle to collect your computer hard drives, we data wipe them back here and then return them to your site within 1 week (depending on the volume of hard drives and where you are based). We can even remove them from your computers and the re-install them afterwards – all inclusive in the free computer recycling Lancashire package.

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