Free computer recycling Leeds

We provide a free Commercial IT-Computer equipment Recycling & Disposal Service within Leeds

A new service provider has recently been established in the Leeds centre area, providing free computer recycling within Leeds. If you are an organisation of any size situated in Leeds then you needn’t pay to dispose of your waste IT Equipment. Revive IT will securely collect and recycle anything that you need to dispose of in the WEEE category excluding misc electrical and white goods. Revive IT Recycling was established to allow all residents of Leeds to recycle their unwanted, faulty and obsolete computers, servers, printers, UPSs, Batteries, Phones etc.

The free computer recycling Leeds service can collect any volumes of IT Equipment waste, no matter what the volumes are. Everything that is collected is recycled as materials or tested, fixed and re-furbished by our technicians.

We know data is held on all kinds of media such as flash disks, hard drives, tapes, USBs etc and the most technical one is routers, switches and many networking items. These configurations and data held inputs need to be wiped or reset before they can be sold on or re-used. Revive IT Recycling employ a wide range of employees, each with a unique skill set.

If you are a resident in Leeds that has changed over your computer, give it to a good cause and drop them off at our Leeds depot and quote free computer recycling Leeds to ensure you aren’t charged.

If you are a company or business in Leeds that needs to dispose of large volumes of IT equipment WEEE, then give us a call and we can arrange a suitable date and time. This can be as soon as the following day, it all depends on your circumstances.

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