Free computer recycling Liverpool

We provide a free Computer Recycling Service within Liverpool

Free computer recycling Liverpool is now provided by Revive IT Recycling Ltd who are able to provide their service nationwide throughout the UK.  Here we will talk about the service undertaken in Liverpool, Liverpool city centre, Edge Hill, Old Swan, Childwall, Halewood, Mossley Hill, Garston, Walton, Orrell, Fazakerley, Kirkby, Crosby, Hightown, Altcar, Maghull, Bickerstaffe, St.Hellens, Prescot etc.

Is your organisation in the process of renewing your IT equipment infrastructure or are you just about to change over a set of computer systems, maybe you are looking for a continued provider of free computer recycling Liverpool to get regular pickups done? Or maybe you even own a data centre and need regular hard drives shredding before they leave your site for recycling. Some data centres have their hard drives shredded after 3 years of service to keep up reliability.

Whatever you are looking for, Revive IT Recycling can provide you with a service to suit what you need doing in the IT industry. We even have many contacts in the IT support industry if you are looking for new computer systems installing once we have removed the old ones.

Did you know, mobile phones also store lots of data, especially PDAs – such as contacts, emails, notes, pictures (all the kind of stuff you don’t want to go anywhere – our free computer recycling service will make sure your PDAs/Mobiles are factory reset for re-use or they will be shredded at your site to allow them never to be re-used again.

Many different types of companies call from the Liverpool area. A good example of the service we carry out: an IT support technician at a company calls up wanting to dispose of some IT equipment – Revive IT offer them a Liverpool computer recycling service where we collect it all free of charge, destroy the data and then provide the relevant disposal certificates.

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