Free computer recycling Manchester

We provide a free Computer equipment Recycling & Disposal Service within Manchester

Why be wasteful and skip all your old office and business computers and IT equipment when you could use the free computer recycling Manchester service to great benefits?

Revive IT Recycling Ltd are currently liaising with many IT Support departments in Manchester to ensure as much of the computer / IT equipment waste generated is recycled as much as possible.

Manchester is a big city and has many large organisations. Maybe it has become time for your company to review your IT equipment security and disposal policy.

Our free computer recycling Manchester service allows anything that is Computer PC related to be picked up and disposed of in an environmentally fashion. The collection vehicles are all owned and operated by ourselves so no third party organisations are involved. Be reassured, all your data held on various devices will be destroyed without fail – you will receive a data destruction certificate for this also.

The most recent computer recycling collection up to the writing of this article was a media company in Manchester centre. They phoned up one day and requested 20 computers and monitors to be collected and disposed of ASAP. Conveniently Revive IT Recycling have vehicles collecting from the area up to 3 times a week and the next pickup was the following day. The media company were able to stack all their IT equipment in reception for collection. Just think if the media company had been dealing with an unreliable IT recycling company, they might have been left in reception for much longer which isn’t good for you. Revive IT Recycling provide the free computer recycling Manchester service very reliably. We have vans on standby just in case on company has much more IT equipment to dispose of that they didn’t initially mention.

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