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We provide a free Computer Recycling & Disposal Service within Nottingham

Since organisations started using computers and IT equipment many decades ago, a new requirement has evolved – the demand for IT Equipment / Computer disposal and recycling. Computer recycling initially was a chargeable service but since the WEEE regulations have been installed, the market has grown massively with all companies and businesses required to dispose of their WEEE waste via an authorised recycling and refurbishment company. Revive IT hold all the relevant licenses and certificates issued by the EA that allow us to provide free computer recycling and WEEE recycling.

Believe it or not, this service does cover every part of Nottingham – Bilborough, Broxtowe, Old Basford, Sherwood, Mapperley, Arnold, Rise park, Gedling, Carlton, Netherfield, Colwicj, Sneinton, Meadows, West Bridgford, Trent Bridge etc.

From the basics – 80% of modern IT equipment hold some kind of data whether it is on a hard drive, a media tape or a flash chip. This information is classed as confidential data and if it gets into the wrong hands, the consequences can be very problematic.

But don’t worry, if you use our free computer recycling Nottingham service, Revive IT will destroy all those data holding devices and we’ll even do it for free. Not only that, you will be provided with a data destruction certificate which proves you have done your bit to comply with the data protection act.

Did you know – instead of physically destroying hard drives which is very wasteful and doesn’t go well with the ware hierarchy, you can data wipe them with zeros which takes about 1 minute per GB.

The remaining computer equipment waste can be then either re-used or smashed up into the different materials which will then get melted down and recycled in most cases.

If you need to recycle computer equipment, get in touch with Revive IT Recycling Ltd.

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