Free computer recycling Sheffield

We provide free computer recycling Sheffield

Revive IT Recycling Ltd have now created a new service – free computer recycling Sheffield, which is much more competitive than what other computer recycling companies are offering, mainly because our service is free.

Every single part of Sheffield (South Yorkshire) is picked up from – Heeley, Attercliffe, Upperthorpe, Hillsborough, Worrall, Stannington, Rivelin, Meadowhal, Meadowhead, Lower Bradway, Dronfield, Holbrook, Norwood, Wales, Harhill, Thurcroft and many others.

Join the many companies and organisations benefitting from this free computer recycling service within Sheffield.

Revive IT has a sophisticated set of vehicles (mainly Mercedes vans) which travel around the country every weekday and sometimes at weekends. These vehicles are logoed up and designed to carry IT equipment waste (computers, printers, servers, PCs, laptops, UPS, batteries, phones, computer cases) loose. All computer waste is loaded loose into our vans as everything has to be separated at the other end. Pallets take up much more space and items like CRT monitors and LCD monitors don’t go well on them.

We have a team organising collections all day, every day so if you would like to book a free collection, then please get in touch. There are many other parts and services we can supply either side of this such as free offsite hard drive and media tape destruction. We use a variety of tools to perform these operations such as hard drive shredders, the EDR 10-tonne crusher etc.

Our collections are done by CRB checked, hard workers who know exactly what they are doing. They even bring a set of wheels so they manoeuvre the IT Equipment around.

Remember you can always request onsite data destruction which will ensure all your data storing media is obliterated before it leaves your site. You will even be provided your data destruction certificate there and then without any hassle.

Request a Collection

Request a Collection