Free* IT recycling

Revive IT is the nation’s number one choice for Free* IT Recycling; completing thousands of collections annually for organisations of all sizes.

*Almost all of the IT collections we complete are done free of charge.

Revive IT are able to provide a free service to 1000s of customers each year because we generate revenue through refurbishing equipment for reuse and through materials recovery.

If the equipment you have for recycling won’t produce enough revenue to cover our internal costs, we’ll offer a quote at the time of booking.

Revive IT will securely recycle and data sanitise all Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Printers, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Servers, Networking Equipment, Hard Drives, Peripherals and Cables etc.

Our computer recycling service is fully approved and insured with data security being the main focal point throughout our entire operation. All your confidential data is either data erased or shredded.

We operate a zero landfill policy – All equipment is either data erased, refurbished and reused or is broken down to its core components for materials recycling.

If your computer equipment has residual value, we can even purchase this from you.

So whether you’re in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool or anywhere else in the UK, simply fill in the Request a Collection form and we’ll be in touch immediately.

Request a Collection

Request a Collection