Hard drive shredding

About our Hard drive shredding service

Our hard drive shredding service is part and parcel of our complete IT recycling service. If you would like to view hard drive shredding in action – please go to the on/offsite data destruction selection and drop down to shredding. From there please move down the page and you can watch the hard drive shredding video. This shows how effective the machine is.

We can shred hard drives in all parts of mainland England, Wales and Scotland – Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Blackpool, Liverpool, Warrington, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc.

Hard drive shredding is the securest way of destroying data held on hard drives. It is CESG approved and you can physically watch your hard drives get ground down into little pieces. It is also a dangerous tool so our operators have to know what they are doing – this is what our intense training programme is about.

If you have multiple sites around the UK that need hard drive shredding, please forward over details of what each site has and their addresses. We should be able to give you a better quote this way.

The hard drive shredding service is very secure. All Revive ITs staff are CRB checked and are CRB clean. The mobile shredding vehicles have 24hr trackers fixed to them. This allows us to see if the vehicles is moving, at what speed and where it is exactly. This allows us to update customers on the vehicles arrival. The vehicles are logoed up so you can see which vehicle is which.

Did you know hard drives can’t be data destroyed by hitting them with a hammer or any other method as silly as that – they have to be shredded, crushed or data wiped. Hard drive shredding is designed for corporate clients who want to get the job done professionally.

Each hard drive shredding service includes a certificate.

After being crushed by our hard drive / media crusher any data can never be retrieved.

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