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About our Hard drive shredding service within Birmingham

If you require a disposal report of all hard drives that have been shredded, Revive IT Recycling Ltd can do that for you. As each hard drive is passed into the shredder, it is barcode scanned. If you need to recycle IT Equipment at the same time as have your hard drive shredding service, we can give you an excellent price and might be able to do it for free.

Our shredding service is for customers who do not want their hard drives data wiped to be re-used. Hard drive shredding is one of the most secure data drive destruction methods there is especially if it is done right.

Our hard drive shredding service is nationwide so it doesn’t matter where you are based but this particular article is focused on the hard drive shredding we do in Birmingham.

If you need to shred any data tapes at the same time as your hard drives, data tapes are much easier to shred and so it is reflected in the price.

Here we will run you through the onsite service = Our staff whom are most trusted and vetted bring the vehicle mounted shredding tool to you site. We may need to use the electric though. It depends on your circumstances as generators only have a certain amount of energy stored. We can shred your hard drives in your office so that you know that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to data protection. We will remove the shredded and destroyed HDD waste to be processed for recycling. We have storage tubs to hold all the shredded waste to ensure there isn’t any spillage. We can even tag timber down on your office floor to ensure no grease / oil or shredded material leaks. Choose Revive IT Recycling for Hard drive shredding Birmingham.

View a demo video below :

After being crushed by our hard drive / media crusher any data can never be retrieved.

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