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About our Hard drive shredding service within the Leeds area

Hard drive shredding (Leeds) is a service that allows Revive IT Recycling’s customers to securely destroy all data held on hard disk drives. We have no competitors in Leeds but that doesn’t mean we aren’t competitive. A lot of customers benefit from free hard drive shredding service in Leeds because they use us for free computer recycling which is our main service.

There are 2 types of hard drive shredding. There is onsite hard drive shredding (where we bring our vehicle mounted hard drive crusher to your site and shred your hard drives so they don’t have to leave your site). Many companies have destruction policies that don’t allow their hard drives to leave their site without being destroyed. This is a service aimed at those companies. Offsite hard drive shredding is where you bring your hard drives to our site and we destroy them. For a small fee if you don’t have transport, we can collect them securely. The vehicles that collect them are 24hour tracked and are CCTV monitored. Not only that they have additional security locks.

All the hard drives we shred are recycled as material afterwards as hard drives have recyclable material inside them. As we are taking waste from yourselves when we take the shredded waste, we issue a data destruction certificate stating the weight crushed and we issue a waste transfer note which both the transferor and the transferee must sign.

All parts of the Leeds area can have their hard drives crushed – Leeds city centre, Woodhouse, Sheepscar, Harehills, Hollin Park, Cross gates, Halton, Seacroft, Whinmoor, Meanwood, West Park, Kirkstall, Armley, Lower wortley, Beeston, Hunslet, Stourton, Rothwell, Swillington, Scholes, Cookridge etc.

A customer most recently in Leeds’ Bridgewater Place required 2000 hard drives be crushed.  They had accumulated them over a period of time and now decided they didn’t require them to be held on site any more.

View a demo video below :

After being crushed by our hard drive / media crusher any data can never be retrieved.

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